Useful Apps

Is this your first time visiting Prague or are you still struggling to find your way thru the city?

Maybe some of these apps will help you with reaching your desired destination. At first, I need to mention Google Maps and it’s feature to download part of the area, where you are going. Without using your data you can easily find your way anywhere. Almost everyone have them in their phones, so why not to use them?

The second is IDOS. Using public transport was never so easy. Are you sitting in a restaurant, planning to get to the Prague castle and have no idea how to get there? Enter your current position or the name of the closest station of public transport, then enter your destination and just go.

Now we come to taxi apps. Lot of our guests are familiar with UBER, which works fine in Prague, however there are still some legal problems involved. JETAX, HOPINTAXI, Liftago Taxi are the names of my personal favourites. The prices are very similar and not that higher then UBER .
You won’t need taxi that much. We are in the city center and everything is reachable by foot or public transport. But why not be lazy sometimes. 😀

Do you think I missed a superb app, that should be on this list? Comment and I will fix my mistake. 🙂

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